Senior Care During Covid

Senior Care During Covid

Concerned about your senior loved one's physical and mental health, during the pandemic?

Concerned about your senior loved one's physical and mental health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic? Are you suffering from caregiver burnout and need a break to recharge? Whether your loved one lives at home or in a senior care facility, DayBreak Care is here to help.

DayBreak caregivers safely provide practical help with daily tasks while giving your loved one companionship. As most families are limiting social interactions to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus, these services are essential to protect the physical and mental health of seniors. Like you, our primary concern is protecting your senior's health. To keep your loved one healthy and safe, we have implemented additional safety procedures set by the Center for Disease Control, State Department of Health, and Home Care Association of America.

Like all of us, seniors living at home and in care facilities, have had their lives upended by the pandemic. Before the pandemic, seniors suffered from loneliness, but recent headlines suggest it has worsened due to social distancing. Your loved one has most likely lost all opportunities for socializing. Regular visits from friends and family have stopped. Senior centers, YMCAs, churches, and gyms are slowly reopening, but most seniors don't feel comfortable venturing out. For the safety of residents, care facilities are unable to provide residents opportunities to socialize.

DayBreak caregivers provide companionship for your loved one and help alleviate the loneliness, no matter if your loved one lives at home or in a care facility. From merely chatting, playing cards, or maybe even helping prepare a favorite recipe, our caregivers form bonds with their clients, giving seniors a much-needed sense of connection. Our caregivers can assist those seniors who don't feel confident using technology, so your loved one doesn't miss out on the opportunity to connect with family and friends. Your senior might become so comfortable with technology that he or she may eventually be reaching out without assistance! That would go a long way toward easing loneliness.

Often seniors are unable or don't feel up to taking care of their nutrition, hydration, and keeping their living space tidy. DayBreak caregivers are here to respectfully help with essential day to day tasks from getting dressed, basic meal prep, and recognizing and correcting potential hazards. Without monitoring and help, these limitations can have severe health consequences, from falls to dehydration. For example, according to the National Council on Aging, one in four Americans 65+ fall each year, and every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. Seniors are also at greater risk of dehydration due to medication, mobility limitations, and a decreased sense of thirst. Whether it's merely reminding your loved one to drink throughout the day and leaving a water bottle by your loved one's chair or removing trip hazards in his or her living space, our caregivers are trained to help.

No matter what challenges your family is facing during the pandemic, DayBreak is here to bring your loved one comfort and companionship and you peace of mind. We would love to meet your senior! Please call us at (803)226-0288 in Aiken or (803)356-4451 in Columbia/Lexington.