Dementia Care

Dementia is a condition that leads to cognitive decline. Families often struggle to come to terms with their loved ones forgetting who they are, struggling to speak or losing the ability to think clearly. We are here to help your loved one meet the ever changing challenges that comes with dementia.
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Dementia Care

Dementia In-Home Care Services

Trustworthy Dementia In-Home Care Services
Serving Lexington, Columbia and Aiken South Carolina, DayBreak Adult Care Services offers companionship and daily living assistance for adults who have dementia. Whether you provide full-time dementia care for a loved one and need support or have a family member who lives at home but needs help with daily activities, our trained professional caregivers deliver reliable assistance and companionship.

Understanding Dementia
Cognitive decline affects brain functions including memory, thinking, problem-solving, and is the hallmark symptom of dementia. Although mild forgetfulness can occur with age, serious memory loss that affects one's ability to function is not a normal part of our senior years. The Alzheimer's Association reports that between 60 and 80 percent of dementia cases are attributed to Alzheimer's, but this condition can also result from stroke, cancer, problems with the heart or lungs, head trauma or hearing and vision problems. Other symptoms of dementia may include difficulty communicating, trouble concentrating and impaired judgment and reasoning.

Connecting With Support
When a parent develops dementia, the entire family is affected. Adult children who do not live locally worry about their parents' safety and well-being when these symptoms arise. Family members serving as caregivers may struggle to live up to these responsibilities, especially when they are also caring for young children and/or working full-time.

Fortunately, we offer a support system for families impacted by the effects of dementia. Our caregivers can visit your loved one at home or supplement the services of a residential care facility. In addition to compassionate companionship, they can provide transportation, laundry and house cleaning, grocery shopping and healthy meal preparation, help with errands and assistance with bathing and dressing. These services boost the quality of life by decreasing the loneliness and isolation common among individuals who have dementia.

Exploring the Difference
DayBreak Adult Care Services sets the industry standard for dementia in-home care at a price that fits your budget. Trustworthy, compassionate senior care has never been more accessible. Every team member has passed criminal background checks for your peace of mind and the security of our clients.

Our memory care services are designed to offer solace for clients affected by dementia. When caring for a patient with dementia, we engage the person in conversation to learn more about his or her history and background, which supports connection and memory recall. Card games, reading, and other activities may improve the persons' cognitive function. Our kind, compassionate caregivers strive to help our clients thrive through the struggles of dementia.

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, you need the right team in your corner to provide guidance and assistance. Request a free in-home consultation to connect with the team at DayBreak Adult Care Services today.

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