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Adult Care Services

We are committed to keeping our rates affordable while at the same time providing the highest quality service you will find in your area. DayBreak Adult Care Services has affordable hourly rates available upon request.

DayBreak Adult Care Services, Inc.
Provides the following services:

If you have other service needs not listed, please contact us to discuss what options are available.


DayBreak Adult Care Services provides personalized in-home Alzheimer's care so your loved one can safely remain in a comfortable, secure setting. Our team offers professional companionship and care so you have peace of mind when a family member is experiencing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Services are available in private homes, nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities throughout Lexington, Columbia and Aiken South Carolina.

Alzheimer's Care Services Alzheimer's Care


Families may find this the disease one of the hardest to deal with, as this disease has many phases and can affect the person and family for many years. Although researchers are making progress in understanding how the brain is affected, there is no cure for this disease currently. Families are often left to provide total care for their family member. Yet no one can do it alone. DayBreak can provide staff members trained in dementia care to provide the help and care needed day to day. It is vital that family members have breaks in caring for their loved one so they can be at their best. No man is an island!

Dementia Care Services Dementia Care


If you are a caregiver for your spouse, family member or a friend, you need a mental break from the daily grind of caring for another person. Often times, caregiving is a marathon, not a sprint. All caregivers must have time off and Daybreak can offer that respite care that is so very important to everyone involved.

Respite Care Services Respite Care


Even adults who normally live alone may need dedicated home care after a surgical procedure. DayBreak Adult Care Services offers post-surgical recovery care throughout Lexington/Columbia, Aiken and surrounding South Carolina communities. Our professional, experienced staff of caregivers can visit you or your family member at home or in a long-term care facility.

Post Surgery Care Services Post Surgery Care


Did you know that many senior adults live in isolation and loneliness? They are unwilling to talk about it as they don’t want to be a burden to their family. They often lack DAILY interaction, face to face time with another person. This lack of connection can cause depression, cognitive decline, and lead to physical conditions. DayBreak caregivers can provide the interaction seniors need to remain healthy. Through encouragement and daily attention to the daily needs (meals, housekeeping, outings), seniors can rebound and stay healthier. Thus the senior has lower stress, feels loved and self worth increases.


We can help fine-tune most senior’s grocery shopping habits in order to create an improved and often times renewed interest in the foods consumed. Eating well doesn't have to mean spending more money or buying costly "health foods." You can eat well on a budget by planning ahead and choosing foods that give you more nutrition for your money. In fact, you might find that you spend less, not more, to eat right.


Bathing and Dressing

Bathrooms can be a dangerous place! Falls often occur as folks are stepping into or out of the shower. In addition, water temperature needs to be monitored closely as senior adults have thinner skin and can scald themselves. Our caregiver’s gentle ways – from simple verbal cues to hands on help – offer safety and support to ensure safety during the process of bathing. Helping selecting appropriate clothing for the weather/temperature and assisting with buttons/zippers lowers the stress of this process for the senior helping them be ready for all the day has to offer.

Toilet Assistance

Even fairly independent seniors may still need a little help when they go to the bathroom. Our caregivers stay close and are ready to help in case their client wobbles. We encourage them to move on their own as much as possible and we communicate short sentences to explain the next step so they know what to expect. We are mostly there to help for balance support.


Keeping the house tidy, organized, and liveable is one the daily chores of a DayBreak Caregiver. The caregiver will tidy the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom areas; assist with laundry and linen changes; take the trash out. A clean and healthy home environment leads to a happier, healthy senior!


Many adult children wish their parent would not drive. Yet they are unable to take time away from their work or daily responsibilities to transport their parent. Therefore, older adults continue to drive themselves OR become isolated because they stay home! DayBreak caregivers can serve as their chauffer – just like Driving Ms Daisy. The caregiver can drive your loved one in the comfort of their car or utilize the caregiver’s car. There is no limit to where they can go…. We’ve driven around town – to the grocery store, the hair dresser, church, the mall, and we’ve even driven to the beach and the mountains (sometimes for overnight stays). Of course, there are times the caregiver may run an errand for the senior. Whatever works best on any given day – DayBreak caregivers can assist. Flexibility is the key!


Doctors state that most seniors are NOT consistent in taking their medications which can lead to adverse effects on their health. DayBreak caregivers can provide reminders and assist with ensuring medications are taking as prescribed – thus helping the senior to stay compliant and hopefully, helping their health to improve.


There are many things that Daybreak caregivers can do for your loved ones to make his/her life in a nursing home or assisted living facility so much better. Daybreak provides individual one-on-one care to head off any problems. We take particular care with various daily care including making sure loved ones are dressed nicely in order to brighten their day. Whether it for a few hours or many hours, Daybreak caregivers can provide that extra attention that makes all the difference.


We often hear it’s never a good idea to leave someone alone in the hospital. Daybreak caregivers can sit with your loved ones when you can’t be there. We will relate information from the doctors and nurses. We will encourage simple, preventative acts including our clients wash their hands before eating.  We also use alcohol wipes to clean bed rails, remotes, doorknobs, phones, call buttons, and toilet flush levers. We are there to offer additional care and to help prevent any problems.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our clients by providing compassionate, dependable and reliable assistance